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Super 16mm & Super 8mm Film

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Timeless Cinematic Narratives

As a passionate analog film videographer, I'm driven by the beauty of love and the unique stories that unfold during these celebrations. Capturing the essence of each couple's journey, I aim to create timeless cinematic narratives that authentically represent your love, joy, and individuality.

More than just film –
A lifetime of memories

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Wedding & Elopement Filmmaker Videographer with super 16mm & super 8mm film camera
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Meet your

Casey Pflipsen

For over a decade, I've been capturing the magic of weddings through my lens. My journey began at a young age when I was still discovering and embracing my true self. In 2018, I proudly came out as a gay man, and this transformative experience has not only shaped me as a person but also influenced my approach to wedding filmmaking and wedding videography.

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From the intimate moments shared between partners to the exuberant celebrations among family and friends, I embrace the opportunity to craft films that honor the diversity and significance of LGBTQ+ relationships. Through my lens, I strive to not only document these special occasions but also to encapsulate the emotions and cherished memories that couples can revisit for years to come, celebrating their union in a way that resonates with their hearts.


Please fill out my contact form and I will send all my information over and answer any and all of your questions :)

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